“Mike plays so fast it's blinding --- there ought to be a radar gun on him. I thought I played pretty fast, but boy, he can burn it."

- Charlie McCoy

See and hear Mike play and teach in  his country harmonica seminar at SPAH 2014

Shhhhhhh. Don't tell anybody... You've discovered the best kept harmonica secret. Mike Caldwell just might be the best harmonica player in the entire world.

Perhaps that's why the Hohner Company selected Mike to endorse their harmonicas... and why Loretta Lynn featured Mike in her band for ten years... and why Mike has been the music director and a featured performer for sixteen years in "Country Tonite" in Pigeon Forge.

Take a listen to Mike here on this site and discover the cleanest, fastest and most tasteful harmonica player you're likely to ever hear.

You're listening to Mike playing his signature blazing-fast licks in an original song called "Chicken Lippin'". And yes, that is the actual speed of Mike's playing. No studio tricks here.

You've got to see and hear Mike to believe what he can do with a harmonica. He has truly raised the bar setting a new standard of excellence for harmonica players around the globe.  


(865) 908-6020 email: mike@mikecaldwellmusic.com